Boys Basketball

Knox Boys Basketball 2022-2023

Mission and Goals:

The Knox Varsity Basketball program is committed to fostering the holistic development of student-athletes. Our primary goals include:

  • Building strong character, teamwork, and leadership skills among players.
  • Developing a high level of basketball skills and knowledge.
  • Instilling a passion for the game and promoting a lifelong commitment to health and wellness.
  • EVERY player deserves to know how to unlock their potential
  • EVERY player can be a leader, both on and off the court
  • EVERY player deserves to know how to use the game for success in life

Coaching Staff:

Our coaching staff comprises experienced professionals dedicated to nurturing players’ growth on and off the court. Led by Head Coach [Name], the staff is committed to creating a positive and competitive learning environment.

Player Development Philosophy:

Player development is a cornerstone of our program. We emphasize:

  • Fundamentals: Mastering essential basketball skills such as shooting, passing, dribbling, and defense.
  • Individual Growth: Tailoring training to each player’s strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Basketball IQ: Enhancing players’ understanding of the game’s strategic aspects.

Coach’s Awards 2023

PSAA All-Conference 2023

Coach Navro Allen

Navro Allen - Knox Boys Basketball 2022-2023
After graduating from Deer Park High School in the late 90s,  Navro played college basketball at several different schools over his career. This included Sage College of Albany (Juco),  Morris Brown in Atlanta, and Stony Brook University.
His training career began by working with Jerry Powell at Basketball Results in the early 2000s.  He went on to coach several successful high school programs while his most recent coaching includes a boys’ youth team in Commack, Team Underrated, and the girls’ team at Five Towns College before coming to Knox.
Helping players achieve their goals through training is a passion.  This passion pushes Navro to work closely with players on individual skills and conduct open workouts whenever possible.

SCHEDULE & ROSTER – Winter 2022-2023